Teca by EcoControlGsm is an automated and self-sufficient machine that accurately tracks the material deposited. Its highly customizable design makes it pleasant and easy to integrate into landscape settings. For the manager, it offers the advantage of optimizing pick-ups with the possibility of even using a pre-established opening calendar and specific time slots. Citizens, on the other hand, get more flexibility in drop-off hours, can use the contactless recycling system, and also check availability through a dedicated app. The use of the eco-island allows administrations to keep streets cleaner and tidier, improving urban aesthetics and monitoring user data, offering them a unique tool. Possibility of stationary or on-carriage configuration.

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Monobloc structure with the possibility of inserting up to 8 drop-off doors, one for each module (capacity of 1100 liters per single module). The management software allows remote and real-time control of the machine status, to view deposits, the level of filling of the containers, manage users and more.

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