Teca Compact

Teca Compact is a rewarding structure that can quantify and identify the material deposited (PET plastic or aluminum) by reading the barcodes on the products. The collected material is compacted by more than 90% of its volume through EcoControlGsm volumetric compactors. The management software and the dedicated app certify the material deposited, encouraging the user to carry out correct waste separation and consequently to reduce the dispersion of material and to limit the harmful effects that this has on the environment.

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The Teca Compact software allows remote and real-time control of the machine status, including deposits and the level of filling of the containers. It is possible to customize the graphics on the external surfaces to better integrate them into the landscape context. The structure has a barcode reader to identify the inserted material, discarding what is not suitable, and a piece counting and compactor system. In addition, particular attention is paid to aesthetics with smooth walls, rounded corners and a design without hinges or visible opening systems.

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