First eco-friendly square

The natural resources of our planet are limited as is well known. Nowadays we extract, produce and create tons of waste daily.
Separate collection is a first management and optimization tool for the recycling of waste, but we ask: can the recycling alone be a valuable resource for the green economy of the future?


ECOSQUARE is the system of collecting and recycling waste based on the concept of "circular economy". There where ECOISOLA and ECOSERVICE go to meet theirselves, born ECOSQUARE: the ecological square of collective aggregation. Where recycling waste is transformed into wealth and asset reuse ECOISOLA is for a safe, clean recycling; technological and profitable (ECOPOINTS) ECOSERVICE is for the supplying of environmentally friendly products and utilities, H24, where to use ECOPOINTS obtained by proper recycling. ECOSQUARE helps us to move from the traditional view of the rejection to the concept of Resource, the well recycled waste as Resource. ECOSQUARE key words are: innovation and technology, profitable recycling , meeting place and public utilities. ECOSQUARE become the new core for a "circular economy": the only possible solution for a sustainable future.



Fully automated ecological island for recycling of municipal waste. The system allows to reward those who throw the waste properly with the crediting of eco-points can be spent in other useful services.
The Ecoisola is affordable by the public administration and the management of municipal waste companies.



An automatic dispenser varies eco-friendly utility products. E 'can stock eletrrica energy, biodegradable bottles for water, detergent with non-destructive substances in the environment, ...
Ecoservice is open to private companies that pursue an innovative method of business, providing services and respecting the environment.
The eco-points that a simple user acquires with ecoisole, are expendable in Ecoservice, greatly encouraging the willingness of citizens to differentiate properly and respect his world.