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What is ecoisola

EcoIsola is a smart recycling bin totally self-sufficient in waste management, easy to keep it under control through weight detectors, volume and location. It was born as an alternative to common “door by door” recycling, reducing transport and personnel costs through remote controls that allow you to check by distance the platform reducing recycling operations . The recording and monitoring system guarantees a real-time verification of any of the users involved and encouraging them by receiving ECOPOINTS for the correct recycling conduct.
The ECOISOLA are INNOVATIVE and INDEPENDENT. The users according to the administration's choices, they can confer more types of waste (paper, glass, plastic, general waste, organic recycling, oil) in only one recycling center.
We Have got 3 types differenced by shape and dimension:

  • Oneside 110 - an ideal solution to put near urban wall with a single input side;
  • Oneside 360 - an ideall solution for an old town centre;
  • Bothside - ideal solution for open spaces, where you can use both of the input sides

ecoisola the 5 steps

Ecoisola: the management software

The recording and monitoring system ensures the real-time control of waste collection and the users involved. This tool makes possible to be “always on” to manage the recycling platform from any device also associated, for example, from your mobile phone. The right way for a “SMARTER” recycling.

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