Ecocompact is a recycling machine from the EcoControlGsm product family with the same technical and mechanical characteristics as the Teca Compact.

It differs from the latter in its aesthetics, reduced size, and capacity for containing collected material.

Like other EcoEcocontrolGsm products, Ecocompact is also among the technologies for the realization of circular economy and rewardability projects.

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The Ecocompact software allows remote and real-time control of the machine’s status, including deposits and the level of filling of the containers. It is possible to customize the graphics on the external surfaces to better integrate them into the landscape context. The structure has a barcode reader to identify the inserted material, discarding what is not suitable, and a piece counting and compactor system. In addition, particular attention is paid to aesthetics with smooth walls, rounded corners, and a design without hinges or visible opening systems.

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