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Teca Line

From Teca for computerized waste management, to Ecoslot for customized distributions, to Ecowater for quality drinking water. EcoControlGsm combines technology and sustainability to meet the needs of every community. Discover our eco-innovative vision.

Iseco Line

Iseco stands out for its modern and compact design, ideal for urban settings. With a robust and modular structure, it supports 360-liter or 1100-liter containers. Adaptable to different spatial configurations, it represents a significant innovation in the field of urban eco-islands.


Trapeze Line

EcoControlGsm's Trapezio line introduces Ecocompact, an aesthetic and functional ecocompactor, and EcoSmart, which uses artificial intelligence to recognize and sort materials such as aluminum, pet, and glass. Discover Trapezio's sustainable innovation.

Urban Line

EcoControlGsm's Urban introduces Ecourban: smart street furniture solutions. Planters that conceal dumpsters and inclusive benches elevate city spaces. With Multiservice, EcoSquare, a community information hub, is born. Discover urban evolution with EcoControlGsm.

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☼ Ecology
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With our pro-active technology we control the waste system, guided by 'ecology and the pursuit of equity. We aim for collective solidarity.

We want to achieve ecological benefits by going through a correct and modern waste management that serves the community and is citizen-friendly.
Since 2013, when the company was established, we have immediately put at the center of our projects a "simplified" waste collection system that could optimize separate collection by rewarding the virtuous citizen.
Webelieve in and invest in research and development, which is why our systems have become real strengths and control points for collection even for public administrations.
Acting sustainably means implementing the circular economy. Our "smart" recycling collection systems are real solidarity spaces for the community, rewarding good behavior and ecological justice.

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